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Our BaseSavers help protect your expensive glass water pipes, rigs and bubblers from breaking, cracking and shattering from clumsy accidents. Check it out! This Nexus water pipe takes a beating! Protect your bongs with base bumper protectors.


Glass on glass contact can scratch, crack or break your glass smoking devices such as water pipes and rigs. You invested in an expensive glass piece and know you can protect it with a DividerPro BaseSaver, which is also known as a base bumper. GlassGrips Cleaning Caps and Tube Grip shown here as well.


DividerPro’s BaseSavers help protect your expensive glass water pipes, bong and rigs. This silicone grip fits around the base of your glass smoking device for protection from bangs, glass on glass contact and careless accidents.


DividerPro’s silicone cleaning caps make cleaning your water pipes easier than ever! The cleaning caps are great to use on your water pipe in-between uses to prevent accidental spills, to contain the bong water smell, and great to use on a camping trip.


DividerPro is an airtight silicone container that stays sealed when bouncing off the floor! High quality, medical-grade silicone puck is made with and with dividers to fit your needs.


DividerPro’s tool cover is made from non-stick silicone to make your life easier with less mess!