Legal Cannabis Business is Affecting The Mexican Cartel

Anti-cannabis supporters might be changing their minds on the legalization of cannabis for several reasons. One of the biggest ones being that it has and will continue to be a hinderance in the success of organizations like the Mexican Cartel.

legal cannabis business The U.S. Border Patrol has reported that the Cartel’s business is suffering, mainly because now Americans can get their medicine in stores, rather than off the street, in the black market. They have also reported that cannabis seizures are lower than they have been in the past. In 2009 they were able to seize 4 million dollars worth of cannabis, where as in 2015 they only seized 1.5 million dollars.

Although, we have to note that there is a down side to the legalization and it actually doesn’t have to do with us. It affect the cannabis farmers and growers south of the border. In the past, Mexican farmers where paid 60-90 dollars for ever 2.2 pounds of cannabis, now they only get 30-40 dollars, cutting their profit by half.

Although this is bad news for the Cartel and Mexican farmers, we are taking a chunk out of drug trafficking across the border which is good news for our anti-cannabis friends and concerned citizens.


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