About Us

We manufacture a variety of problem-solving smoking accessories made from medical grade silicone. Our specialty is providing the safest and most efficient way to store concentrates. Our platinum cured nonstick containers feature an airtight design with enough style variations to fit your needs. We offer a large selection of colors, and our containers have up to seven different compartments. DividerPro products are made from the most durable silicone in the world.

You should know what you are buying when it comes to silicone, and how it can negatively affect your health. Medical grade, platinum cured silicone is the standard for health and medical devices. When storing concentrates, it is important the materials are extremely clean and free from impurities and any potential biological contaminants. Food grade silicone containers are unsafe and degrade. While acceptable for food and liquids, most concentrates are made with chemical solvents which degrade food grade silicone and leave traces in the extract being stored. Vaporizing and inhaling these traces may be harmful to your health and gives the opposite effect of what someone expects from their medicines. NEVER use food grade silicone containers to store concentrates. Always demand platinum cured, medical grade silicone.