Medical Grade Non Stick Containers

Divider Pro specializes in providing the safest and most efficient way to store your concentrates. Featuring an air tight design and enough style variations to fit all of your personal needs. Don’t settle for food grade containers that are unsafe and degrade or having to store several strains in more than one container. Divider Pro has containers that allow for up to 7 different strains and are made of the most durable silicone in the world.

Medical Grade vs. Food Grade


Medical grade, platinum cured silicone is the standard for health and medical devices. These products are used in diverse medical applications including surgical instruments used in operating rooms as well as devices to help deliver medicines for in-home care. When storing your concentrates, it is important your materials are extremely clean and free from impurities as well as any potential biological contaminants. Always demand platinum cured, medical grade silicone from your shops and retailers.

Food grade rubber is preferred for the food processing industry which has FDA requirements for O-Rings, seals and numerous other rubber products that come in contact with food, both raw and processed. Potable liquids such as soft drinks, juices, milk, beer and wine can also be transported in food grade silicone. While acceptable for food and liquids, most concentrates are made with chemical solvents which degrade food grade silicone and leave traces in your product. Vaporizing and inhaling these traces may be harmful to your health and give you the opposite effect of what you expect from your medicines. NEVER use food grade silicone containers to store concentrates.